Ravi Fruit

Keep Growing

Room 21

Short film shot for Camper Hotels
A short film set in the Camper Hotel Barcelona. Part of a series of films commissioned by the hotel group. It stars Julian Rhind-Tutt and Aina Clotet.


Short film
A bank robber finds enlightenment

Occasional Strong

Short Film
A comedy spoof on the british gangster film genre. Shot over a few days in south London with Daniel Craig. The idea was to fuse the classic British kitchen sink drama with the modern day Brit Gangster movie.

An Artist Called Rudy

Short Doc for Dewar's Whiskey
Rudy Rahme is a Lebanese artist who's seeks to bring different cultures and religions together through his art. He has a strong sense of the history and heritage of his people. He urges people to look at their past and learn.

A Taxi Ride Through Beirut

Short doc for Dewar's Whiskey
Giorgio takes us on a taxi tour showing us how much of the beautifulm Beirut heritage is being destroyed to make way for luxury glass apartment blocks.

Stone Man

Short doc for Dewar's Whiskey
Sean is a man who keeps the stonewall tradition alive. Sean discovers messages from previous 'wallers' while repairing a wall.